Commercial Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Were you or someone you loved involved in an accident with a tractor trailer? Because of the weight and size of tractor trailers and their cargo, semi-truck crashes often leave victims seriously injured.

When vehicles collide with semi-trucks, the consequences can be devastating. Oftentimes, these accidents result in serious injuries that cause severe strain on families. If you are a victim of a semi-truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of future earnings, and other damages. You need a Tennessee personal injury attorney who will work hard to maximize your compensation. Contact the Cave Law Firm today to speak with a semi-truck accident attorney who will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Semi-truck Accidents in Tennessee

Tractor trailer accidents are all too common on the Tennessee roadways. Tennessee has over 18 interstate highways, which total over 1,000 miles. Because of its many interstates and their access to over one third of Tennessee’s 95 counties, Tennessee ranks sixth in the nation for cargo carried by trucks. East Tennessee drivers must be watchful of the many semi-trucks on our highways. In 2008, there were over 200 semi-truck accidents in Greene and Sullivan Counties.

According to the most recent report available by the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 4,229 people killed and 90,000 people injured in accidents with semi-trucks in the United States in 2008. Many of those injuries were serious.

Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You want a semi-truck accident attorney who will work diligently to ensure fair and just compensation for your losses.

The Cave Law Firm is a family-run law firm that proudly serves the Tri-Cities area and will work hard to protect your rights. If you have been involved in a wreck with a semi-truck, you can count on the Cave Law Firm and its personal injury lawyers to fight zealously to maximize your compensation. Call 855-CAVE-LAW today for a free consultation.